Robin Behn and Dzanc’s Best of the Web 2008

August 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

As part of of Dzanc Books’ Best of the Web 2008 Web-Wide Shout Out yesterday, Brevity contributor Robin Behn blogged on her piece, Childbirth in Alabama, for Syntax of Things.  Below is an excerpt where Robin says nice things about us (blush), but the full post is well worth the reading for insight into her writing process.

Here’s the nice stuff:

I sent this piece to Brevity because I admire the on-line journal very much. I’m intrigued by how a non-fiction piece can be accomplished in 750 or fewer words.   In fact, it was reading Brevity that prompted me to write this piece. I had been reading the journal the very night I wrote the piece, thinking to myself, “I wonder if I could do something like that.” I usually write poetry, so I decided to approach this piece like a giant poem. I like the leaps that happen from one paragraph to the next, the way poems often leap from one line or stanza to the next, and I like the way images do a lot of the talking.



Robin’s full post can be found here: Syntax of Things.

And be sure to check out Best of the Web 2008.


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