Harper’s Hails Hohn and Our “Journal of Little Essays”

November 6, 2008 § Leave a comment

Harper’s Magazine‘s Weekend Read Blog gives Brevity a nice shout out for the recent, wonderful mini-essay from Donovan Hohn, Snail Picking.

Here is what Harper’s had to say:

Donovan Hohn, an erstwhile editor at this magazine (and current contributing editor), has been writing terrific essays for Harper’s and others for a number of years. He has a lyrical way with line and a rigorous way with theme. He is attentive to the appearances of things, to the natural and its perversion by man. A little essay of Hohn’s that appeared in the journal of little essays, Brevity, begins:

I was, at age nine, a god of snails. On the quiet San Francisco cul-de-sac where my family lived, Helix aspera, the brown garden snail, was by far the most plentiful and least evasive wildlife around. Snails plied the long green fins of our neighbor’s agapanthus like barges transiting green canals. I’d unglue them from their shiny trails, hold them in mid-air, and poke their sensitive horns. They’d ripple and recoil.

It’s nice to be noticed.

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