Conference! Conversation!

March 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

Just in case you faithful readers are also elitists (that is, you don’t also read New Pages and Narrative), here are some things to be aware of.

The 3rd Annual Conversation and Connections Conference will be held in Washington DC on April 11. In addition to the normal gamut of panels and break-out sessions on writing and publishing, participants get to do what’s called “Speed Dating with Editors.” You can get the full details here. Sounds like fun.1

Conference Banner

Also, there was an article recently in Poets & Writers by Michael McGregor that featured Brevity‘s own DintyW. Moore and raised some questions about truth in nonfiction and a supposed invasion of journalists to the genre. So far, Dinty has remained silent, but Richard Gilbert discusses the article on his blog, Narrative.

Will we ever know Dinty’s side?

1 They seem to have hidden a few typos on the webpage in an effort to help you know which side of the speed dating table you should sit on—if you don’t notice the typos, you should pay for registration; if you do, they should pay you.

– David Grover

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