Brevity Blushes

September 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

Brevity 34, the September 2010 issue, is just seven days away from launch, but in the meantime, we are blushing a bit at the kind words about  Issue 33 just posted to the excellent Essay Daily Blog.  Here’s an excerpt, but Brevity fans will want to read the entire review, and have portions of it tattooed on their lower extremities:

The most recent issue of Brevity does make me think, with a flutter of hope, that perhaps I can commit myself to something as formal as reading an issue of a lit rag cover to cover (figuratively speaking, of course). With what little hands-on experience I have regarding editorial decisions for a magazine, I still can’t help but give mad props to Brevity for its fantastic composition. The journal, complete with its 14 essays ranging from topics of memory to craft, does an excellent job of revealing to an astute reader (or one assigned the opportunity to review a literary journal) the range of the form. Using texts as short as 188 words (that’s less than a third of the requisite cap for entry, FYI), “Issue 33” finds a way to pair themes, styles, methods, and approaches for nearly every essay in the journal. This ability to seamlessly braid the journal’s text using so many considerations not only gives Brevity a cohesive structure, but a jump-off-the-screen substance that compensates for any sans-technology protests one might make about this online literary journal.

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