I Am Bristol, I Contain Multitudes

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

BREAKING NEWS: We are still accepting entries for the Bristol Stomp Lyric Essay Competition!

And yes, an astonishing twenty-five dollars in cash goes to the winner!!

Here is some help for those of you who have yet to spill the lyrical ink:

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a lyric essay is its focus on images over narrative, on emotionality over clear, deliberate storytelling. Often a lyric essay will move between related narrative threads rather quickly, using them to create an emotional tone rather than a cohesive narrative.  Plus, a lyric essay should mention Wasilla.  Or maybe Dancing with the Stars.  Perhaps Levi.  The lyric essay’s ability to move between images and scenes freely gives the form a cinematic quality, in that the prose becomes a screen upon which imagistic pieces are projected and woven together with little concern for smooth transitions.  Often, you can see Russia from the porch of a lyric essay.  Polar bears often write them.  It has long been rumored that polar bears edit The Seneca Review.  I am the Walrus. Goo goo g’joob.


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