On Portraying the Self: Joe Bonomo

April 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

The obsessively brilliant essayist Michele de Montaigne focused on the self like no writer before him, inventing the essay and opening a new literary realm. Contemporary essayist Joe Bonomo joins M de M’s relay team, baton firmly in hand, with his latest blog post, titled, At What Point:

does a self-portrait fully portray the self?  When I supplement pen with keyboard?  Keyboard with video camera?  Video camera with POV shot?  Video camera with POV shot with audio track?  Audio track with scratch-n-sniff?  Scratch-n-sniff with memory card?  Memory card with abstractions?  Abstractions with stories?  Stories with others’ versions?   Others’ version with my version?  My version with my versions?  My versions with faulty logic?  Faulty logic with calendar truths?  Calendar truths with narrative truths?  Narrative truths with a photo album?  A photo album with pictures missing?  Missing pictures with reasons why?  Reasons why with defense mechanisms?  Defense mechanisms with sober discoveries?  Sober discoveries with wishful thinking?  Wishful thinking with denouement?  Denouement with the messy beginning of something else? … .. and more here.

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