The Misprinted Card: Pat Madden’s eBay Essay Redux

July 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

If you enjoyed Patrick Madden’s playful, intriguing “Writer Michael Martone’s Leftover Water” eBay essay in The Normal School, or even if you somehow missed it, be sure to follow (and join in on) the action in Pat’s new eBay adventure, “Rare Misprinted Scott Russell Sanders Postcard,” bound to be its own odd experiment in assaying.  Here’s part of Pat’s perfect postcard pitch:

Justifiably you may want to know how rare the present item is. The seller has attempted to make contact with all the initial recipients of the “Scott Russell Sanders: A Conservationist” postcard to ascertain the current specimen’s rarity. Most of those contacted responded with a “What are you talking about?” Almost no one had any memory of the card. Some offered to rifle through their piles of papers to look for it, but the seller explained that no such efforts would be necessary.

… even if another misprinted postcard remains buried under a mound of papers on a professor’s desk or molding in a landfill, this example has been signed by the Conservationist himself. On the front side, where the word Manifesto should be, Sanders has written “an apologetic autograph for a misprinted card – Scott R. Sanders 10/15/09.” As any American knows, Sanders is a beloved essayist, novelist, and children’s writer whose twenty-something books have touched the hearts and minds of readers for several decades. His legacy is sure to continue long into the future. Thus, you are bidding not only on a mechanical error, you are attempting to own a small bit of literary history.

So what might this Scott Russell Sanders postcard be worth? Let’s find out!

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