Brevity vs. Angry Birds: We Win

November 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

The Review Review published a positive review of Brevity last week.  Not sure about the  ‘chubby bunny’  reference, but skip down to paragraph four:

The beauty of what Brevity does for us as readers (and writers) is remind us of the power that words can hold and do hold, no matter the amount, abundant or sparse. The pieces in Brevity are not lingering in the sense that they are asking to be finished. Instead they linger and expand and mix together in the mind until you realize that you must ruminate on these pieces, finding that though they are small, they begin to swell once read.

Brevity is a home for your CNF shorts that contain a nugget of the serendipity, sadness, and delight that it is to be a human. With limited word count one must make sure that every word serves a purpose in the piece, and moves it forward. Such limited word count forces a piece to be built with a forward motion, instead of upwards. The thread that holds these pieces together is the depth compression in each which requires its own unpacking. The beauty of Brevity for writers submitting is that craft is the driving force behind what is published; there is no binding subject matter.

Did someone say craft? Not only does Brevity offer fresh flash CNF, it also features craft essays, book reviews, and has a very active blog. The online-only format of Brevity is perfect for what they do. Instead of playing Angry Birds on your phone, bookmark the Brevity homepage and read Brenda Miller’s “In Orbit” as you wait in the dentist office. You won’t even notice the horrible drilling noises in the background as you find yourself immersed in the moment of experiencing Armstrong’s moon landing with her at her family’s dinner table.


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