Writing “For the Unknown Good of Our Enemies” and Other Resolutions

January 3, 2012 § 6 Comments

These writing resolutions from Brevity readers were inspired by a blog post at Bark. Our gratitude and best New Year wishes to all who weighed in:

I will finish a draft without revising along the way. ~ Ioanna Opidee

I will make mistakes, lots of them, because each day I will be more fearless. ~ Bridgett

I will clean up my office/writing space, not to the point where it is really neat, just enough to make it easier to find stuff. ~ Ellie O’Leary

I will stop dilly-dallying by playing computer games and WRITE. ~ Ruby Juster

I will write down that story I keep avoiding, the one that scares me. Even if it never makes it out of draft form. Even if no one but me ever reads it. ~ Chelsea Biondolillo

I will make a schedule to write creatively, not just blog posts–minimum of one hour per day. ~ Linda Joy Myers

I will finish the novel I started 2 years ago, spit and polish ’til it shines, and find an agent who will fall in love with it and sell it to a great publisher for a good deal! (and she clicked her red shoes together three times:-) ~ Susan Cushman

I will support other writers by buying their books (through our local, independent bookstore, of course), praising stellar work, and expanding our artist residency program, because helping writers helps all of us (and, dang, don’t I feel good about myself when I do). ~ Jill McCabe Johnson

I will read what I’ve written aloud even if only to myself. ~ megscottharris

I will be brave and submit my work regardless of the rejects or lack thereof because to stop writing is to die. ~sandrabranum

I will contribute to a critique group, not only by sharing my writing, but by having thoughtful opinions of other’s work and by learning more about grammar, style and pov so I can make good suggestions. ~ Lori Thatcher

I will be more mindful and capture ideas in my field book so I won’t forget the spontaneous gems that surface when I’m not at my writing desk. ~ Jean Coco

I will write, as William Stafford puts it, “for the unknown good of my enemies.” ~ Becca J.R. Lachman

I will make a donation to support Brevity. ~ Renee E. D’Aoust

I will stick to personal deadlines I make for projects. ~ Rachelle Stein-Wotten

I will stop beating myself up because I am 60 instead of 30 and came to writing late, and will instead remember that I probably have 30 years of writing in me and time, energy, brain and heart enough to do it every single day. ~ Beth

I will share my work. ~ Courtney Bulsiewicz

I will quit picking the dead skin around my toenails and counting it as writing time. ~ sarahfreligh

I will write more than just carefully crafted shopping lists. To wit: I will grab a pretty pen, pull one of my many dusty, empty spiral notebooks off the shelf and, after having sneezed and quickly reached for a tissue, I will slowly put that pen to paper. ~ Sybilla Suda

I will be more organized about my other responsibilities (teaching, editing, absolutely necessary household stuff, etc.) so that the morning hour or two that I’ve resolved will be kept sacred for writing will not constantly have to be hijacked to put out fires that wouldn’t be burning in the first place if I’d dealt with them the previous day. ~naomijwilliams

I will not stop writing tonight until I know tomorrow morning’s first sentence – even if I change my mind. about it then. ~ Evelyn Sharenov

I will stop waiting for the “right” time to write. ~ Kimberly Lauzon

More and more I’m seeing the ways writing and teaching feed one another rather than feud with one another. ~ Samuel Anthony Autman

I will remember how eerily appropriate this list is.  And I will finish my manuscript. ~ Virginia Lloyd

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