Fact Checking the Fact-Checker’s Fact-Checking

April 7, 2013 § 3 Comments

bunniesPerhaps Jim Fingal, the fact-checker engaged in the wrestling match with John D’Agata recounted in The Lifespan of a Fact is not so reliable as we assumed.  Or at least that’s the conclusion of a few of Clint Barker’s Introduction to Postmodern Literature students who put together a website,  The Lifespan of a Lifespan of a Fact, annotating the inconsistencies in the fact-checker’s work.

For instance

* Jim says that on the day before Levi died, theLas Vegas Sun published an article that referred to a possible ban against touching strippers, in response to John’s claim that lap dancing was temporarily banned by the city.
* This is incorrect because according to the Las Vegas Sun, it was a ban against the strippers touching the clients, not the other way around.


 * Jim confirms that the Stratosphere is the largest building west of the Mississippi River in an 1989 Las Vegas Review-Journal article by John Galtant.
* I can’t get the article itself—the archives for that year only appear to be available on microfilm thousands of miles away—but I was able to find that the journalist is named “John Gallant,” not “John Galtant.”

Will it never end?

Probably only when we stop reading, so let’s hope not.

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§ 3 Responses to Fact Checking the Fact-Checker’s Fact-Checking

  • I definitely try to offer my sources (reliable ones at that). Really, if it isn’t a good source I’m not interested in it at all. Thanks for the shout out for checking the facts!!

  • Beth Bates says:

    And then again: is it the “largest” building or the “tallest” building west of the Mississippi?

  • This gives me hives. I am a no good lazy fact checker, currently in recovery. One Fact at a Time is my mantra. But every time I get near google, my hand shake, and I begin to sweat.Currently beinng sponsored by Lisa Romeo.

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