The Quickness of the Form

April 8, 2013 § 1 Comment

05_nester10_moore01_cropStated Magazine, a new site featuring  “the stories of creative and inspirational people,” is sharing an interview with Brevity editor Dinty W. Moore wherein he discusses the genesis of the magazine, his thoughts on nonfiction, and the background of the anthology, The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Nonfiction.

Turns out he didn’t think it would last:

I never imagined it would survive more than a year or two. It was a lark. I was more interested in teaching myself web design, frankly, than I was in the idea of the magazine.

And he isn’t real fond of his own efforts at web design:

For the first 15 years, I did all of the design and HTML-coding myself. Just this past year, I hired a web designer to make us a WordPress layout, and I’m very happy with how that looks. The artwork is provided by a different guest artist or photographer each issue now. If you look at some earlier issues, the artwork was rather hodgepodge, including quite a few of my own photographs. The early issues are horrendous to look at, design-wise. This has been very much a DIY magazine

But he likes the process of editing and being edited:

In my experience, the more experienced and professional an author is, the more grateful he or she is for good editing. I know I feel that way when an editor works with me to improve my own work. So no, I haven’t really encountered many strong disagreements on either end of the writer-editor relationship. Sometimes there is some vigorous back and forth, in order to get a sentence or word exactly right, but it is almost always a fruitful back and forth.he likes

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