On Tanking a Fresh Air Interview

April 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

6a00d83451bdba69e2017d3eb46192970c-800wiThere is hardly a writer alive who hasn’t day-dreamed about being interviewed by the perceptive and insightful Terry Gross, reaching that uber-intelligent, thoughtful, discerning (and book-buying) Fresh Air audience.  Well, watch out what you wish for, writer friends.

Check out this article over at The Rumpus, wherein Martha Bayne talks about the difficulty of talking, why it’s different from writing, and what it’s like to mess up a Fresh Air opportunity.

“It was a disaster. I was nervous, inarticulate, and defensive. I realized, around minute five, that there was a vast chasm between writing about something so very personal and talking about it with someone who I did not know and was, no matter how gentle, totally intimidating. After the fact I likened it to a really awkward, inappropriately intimate job interview. I did not sleep all night and when, the next day, the producer e-mailed to say that, yeah, that didn’t go so well and we’re not going to be able to use it, I felt nothing but a pure wash of relief.”

Read the whole essay at this link, and then turn off your phone, in case the Fresh Air producers decide to call.

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