Lazar’s Joyful Whitefish Salad

August 21, 2013 § 1 Comment

whitefish salad

whitefish salad

Eight Reasons This Piece by David Lazar at Essay Daily Made My Morning, by Brevity managing Editor Sarah Einstein:

1. It reads like my Dream Cocktail Party Guest List, or would if I was the sort of person who actually enjoyed cocktails: Philip Lopate! John Gross! Lydia Fakundiny! Joseph Epstein! Ned Stuckey-French! Nicole Walker! Margot Singer! Jill Talbot! Jeff Porter! Patricia Foster! Patrick Madden! And, of course, David Lazar!

2. “One can now buy actual books, it seems, that say ‘essay’ on the cover.”

3. Gratuitous references to whitefish salad make me happy. And a little hungry.

4. I am excited to learn that there was a Nonfiction Pleistocene period, and am hoping that this will lead to the discovery of fossilized saber-toothed collage essays and lyric mastodons.

5. I do, in fact, almost always think of Katherine Hepburn when someone mentions David Lazar. How uncanny is that?

6. “Philip Lopate and other essayists apostolic literary zealotry.” Sign me up. I’ll even wear my Sunday go to meeting clothes.

7. Woody Allen + Whitefish Salad = Remembering That It’s Almost Rosh Hashanah Before My Mother Has To Remind Me

8. “The Age of Nonfiction, like global warming, may be here for longer than I think.” Here at Brevity, we’re banking on it.

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