JStor Daily Hits the Digital Stands

September 2, 2014 § 3 Comments

J_Mag_275x275We recently ran across an interesting new nonfiction market (still in beta, in fact) that we wanted to share. JSTOR Daily is a paying market, looking for feature, columns, and bloggers. If you’ve used JSTOR, the digital database of scholarly journals, you’ll recognize the name. According to the editors:

JSTOR Daily is an online magazine that offers a fresh way for people to understand and contextualize their world. It features topical essays that draw connections between current affairs, historical scholarship, and other content that’s housed on JSTOR, a digital library of scholarly journals, books, and primary sources. In addition to weekly feature articles, the magazine will publish daily blog posts that provide the backstory to complex issues of the day in a variety of subject areas, interviews with and profiles of scholars and their work, and much more.

The magazine makes the content on JSTOR, which most people access via university libraries or other institutions, freely available to the general reader by highlighting timely or otherwise compelling content, and providing free links to that content.

Think of JSTOR Daily as a cross between The American Scholar, Arts and Letters Daily, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Pacific Standard, and a general culture magazine like The Atlantic or the New Yorker. It will embody a Lingua Franca, but will not take the Academy as its subject. Rather, the subjects the magazine takes up will draw on the research that’s been conducted by scholars and archived on the JSTOR platform.

See what they’ve posted so far for a better idea. The notion of accessible narratives pointing to deeper research and scholarship is an interesting one, and we’re curious to see where it leads.

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