Assay 1.2 Shakes the Stick of Brilliance

March 5, 2015 § 1 Comment

A Famous Essayist Shakes a Stick

A Famous Essayist Shakes a Stick

Assay, Karen Babine’s brilliant brainchild, a place to “test and analyze the nonfiction texts we read, to attempt our determinations of their ingredients and quality,” has birthed a second issue, and there is more good material than we can handle in one blog post. Meaning, you should go visit.

In addition to some of the highlights listed below, there’s a fascinating conversation between Paul Gruchow and Brian Turner on what happens when the Modernist essay goes Cubist, a mediation on aliased essayists from the uber-insightful Patrick Madden,  and an interview with the sassy and brilliant essayist Michael Martone. Plus pedagogical discussions, a data bank of syllabi, and more resources than you can shake a stick at.

If you had a stick, that is.

Here are links to some of the main articles, but the whole site is chock-full of valuable resources:

Then and Now: A Study of Time Control in Scott Russell Sanders’ “Under the Influence”
Kelly Harwood

Laces in the Corset: Structures of Poetry and Prose that Bind the Lyric Essay
Diana Wilson

A Taste for Chaos: Creative Nonfiction as Improvisation
Randy Fertel

Why the Worst Trips are the Best: The Comic Travel Travails of Geoffrey Wolff, and Jonathan Franzen
Lynn Z. Bloom

What Lies Beside Gold
Ingrid Sagor

Ego, Trip: On Self-Construction–and Destruction–in Creative Nonfiction
Catherine K. Buni

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