New Brian Turner Literary Arts Prize: “Bring us the essential oxygen…”

December 8, 2015 § 4 Comments

News from Sierra Nevada College and our friend Brian Turner, giving literary citizenship a good name:

Brian Turner

I’ve decided to pony up some dough and create The Brian Turner Literary Arts Prize. That’s right. I don’t want to wait until I’m dead to try to pitch in and support great work. More details will be posted on the website over the next two months, but for now — I just want to let folks know that I’m looking forward to the work that will be entered into this contest. Here are a few words on what we’re looking for in contest entries:

“Astound us. Spark the kindling and blow fire into the language. Approach the borders of the ineffable. Bring us language and imagination that transports us away from the expected and into our larger selves. Bring us blue jeans and shovels, calloused hands that shine of tenderness, pain, suffering, and love. Tell us stories built of wonder and surprise. And bring us the essential oxygen of our lives, the music of our time, histories that would otherwise be lost.

If you’ve been writing all your life and your relationship to language is one of great joy and great struggle, then this is a contest made especially for you. We want to celebrate your work. Give you some dough so you can pay a bill or two, maybe go out for a fine meal with your friends. Publish your work in a literary magazine to share with a wider audience. And, we’d like to sit down with you for a podcast interview—to talk with you about your work, your process, your thoughts on craft and aesthetics, and more.”

§ 4 Responses to New Brian Turner Literary Arts Prize: “Bring us the essential oxygen…”

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