No MFA for Me

August 12, 2016 § 6 Comments

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Tim Druggan-Eppich

Tim Drugan-Eppich provides a wry new perspective on our “What Good is the MFA?” series:

I won’t get an MFA because if I’m a bad writer to my core, I might as well fail quickly and heroically — sparing workshops and professors from my mediocre narratives. If I’ve got “it,” I can read, and then emulate what I read. Wasn’t it Macho Man Randy Savage who said “the cream rises to the top?”

I won’t get an MFA because no matter how excellent the suggestions of my peers or professors, I can’t improve until I look at my writing and realize, “Jesus Christ, whoever wrote this is a moron!”

I won’t get an MFA because the classroom is not where I shine. I forget to read other’s work, forget to provide feedback, and then wonder why nobody likes me. Would you want me in your class? No, you would not. I’m a miserable person to have around.

Oh, and also money. MFAs require at least some, and I have none.

So, no more school for me, which is all right. Scooping ice cream isn’t that bad, and without another degree to pay for, it almost covers rent.


Tim Drugan-Eppich (@timdruganeppich) is mediocre — statistically, the most probable thing to be. He lives in Colorado with several dust bunnies and a toilet that doesn’t quite flush.


§ 6 Responses to No MFA for Me

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