The Things I’ve Done to Avoid Writing THIS Page

March 29, 2019 § 7 Comments

Sherilyn Lee has been traveling away from home since 2016 to provide hands-on caregiving for her family and loved ones. She started #sherilynwritesapage to overcome the isolation of caregiving, to face her grief of several losses, to witness the kindness and joy in her world, and to remain connected to her writing practice. She handwrites a single page in a Canson Mix Media spiral bound sketchbook daily and posts it to her Instagram feed (@sherilynwrites).

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Sherilyn Lee is the Poetry Editor at Angels Flight • literary west and holds a Master of Fine Arts in Nonfiction from Antioch University Los Angeles. She is currently working on a memoir about being a road warrior caregiver — providing full-time care for four loved ones within eighteen months in three different locations — none of whom live near her home in Los Angeles. Her clips are at and she blogs daily on Instagram as @sherilynwrites.



§ 7 Responses to The Things I’ve Done to Avoid Writing THIS Page

  • writerIgnatiusBambaiha says:


  • alleniareneewrites says:

    There are those days even my fancy fine tip pen can’t make the words run smoothly over the page to even do an outline. I grab an almond snickers thinking this will make it better. Nope, now I’m stretching to get the blood circulating. Still nothing. Then, I look over & I noticed I didn’t even start the timer.

    I just laugh at myself. What are we to do????

  • Caregiving and grief and writing. Been there.

  • kjboldon says:

    I’m recently a long distance caregiver, and I am grateful for this piece today, as I’m in a brief window between care trips. Thank you.

  • KEMwriting says:

    I’m not a caregiver, but I have seen those that are and it is amazing the strength these people have. It may not be the most joyous part of life, but a sad necessity for many people. I do relate to everything you did to avoid writing, though, and putting it on a page still counts in my eyes!
    Remember to take care of yourself!

  • petespringerauthor says:

    I got quite the chuckle from your list, mostly because you’ve nailed the idea that there are plenty of times when writing feels this way. I also have a deeper appreciation for caregivers after the last six years as my mom’s dementia got harder and harder to manage. Even when she was in an assisted living center, it was difficult. I was still teaching full time, and she frequently was in and out of the hospital.

  • lbenton80 says:

    I’ve passed this on to a writing student of mine who’s been going through the aftermath of taking care of her mother, who eventually died. I think your piece will inspire her. Thank you for it!

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