June 6, 2020 § 3 Comments

Now is not the time for silence, so Brevity’s website has been modified to acknowledge the importance of this moment in our history, and the crucial struggle now underway:


We at Brevity magazine and the Brevity blog stand in solidarity with the protesters and with the Black Lives Matter movement. We deplore the ongoing police violence toward people of color. We unequivocally stand with those who seek justice and reform through protests across our country and the world.

This is an important time to listen to Black voices, and we invite you to revisit our Fall 2016 special issue on Race, Racism, and Racialization.

We recommend as well the resources that can be found at Campaign Zero and LitHub.

Learn more to become a better ally.


“If now isn’t a good time for the truth, I don’t see when we’ll get to it.”
~ Nikki Giovanni








§ 3 Responses to Solidarity

  • I receive dozens of emails every day, from literary journals, knitting enthusiast, suppliers of yarn and fabric and news. This week i have herd from virtually every virtual friend and acquaintance I have with the same supportive message. One company changed their name. The NFL says they were wrong about taking a knee.

    It seems we have finally faced the choice: taking a knee in respect or placing a knee on another’s neck. We have chosen solidarity, we have chosen justice, we have taken a long hard look and chosen.

  • Brenda Ridley says:

    Now is the time. Thank you for taking a stand in solidarity with black communities and black writers. You have provided one example of what allies can do to support a movement for social change.

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