Writer, Interrupted

January 27, 2021 § 14 Comments

By Heather Vi Kish

My fingers hover over the keyboard, ready to click-clack those first few words of the day.

“Momma! I need help wiping my butt!”

My eyes roll back to look at my brain for a moment before I FE-FI-FO-FUM my way to the bathroom.

It’s definitely a poop he could’ve handled on his own. “But there was so much of it!” he counters, pointing to the bowl.

“But that doesn’t mean you can’t wipe your…” I pinch my tear ducts closed. “You know what, it doesn’t matter. Just pull up your pants, wash your hands, and get back in there for math.”

What would he have done if he wasn’t distant learning? Returned to his desk with poop all over himself? Held it until he got home? I try not to think about it as I sip my coffee and sit down again.

The dog trots in and looks at me with anticipation, hoping I’ll say the right word. “Do you want to go… outside?” Her butt says YES.

I return to my computer, get about five good sentences in, and notice someone is calling. It’s my daughter. She’s calling to list for me all the things she has done to be productive today. I would tell her my list in return but I don’t have the additional second it would take.

Love you too. Bye.

The phone is upside-down now. Deep breath. Focus.

I forgot to turn iMessage off on my Mac and the glaring red circle is telling me I have four unread texts.

Okay, but just a peek. Do not respond.

It’s the bible study group text. Isn’t that like ignoring a message from God or something? Gah! Okay, I’m responding! But I’m not liking it! I hope someone is comforted by the words I’m resentfully typing.

I hear the toilet flush on the other side of the wall which means my husband, who works nights, is awake. Might as well put the writing on hold until after he comes in here to nuzzle me and feel me up real quick before making his coffee… Okay, so maybe I don’t mind that distraction very much. If my daughter calls back, I’m adding that to my list just to gross her out.

Lunchtime for my distance learner. Here’s your chicken fries and juice box, I’m going for a walk.

Inspiration hits while I’m a mile away from the house, so I have to type it furiously into Notes on my phone. It changes words that aren’t misspelled to words I would never use, like “behoove” and “expedient.” Just as I’m finishing the last, perfectly-crafted sentence, Notes disappears and my sister is calling. Everything in me wants to launch my phone high into a neighboring palm tree.

I force myself to smile as I answer it. “Hello?”

“Do you think the chicken I froze two years ago is still good?”

I start walking again. “I wouldn’t eat it.”

“But isn’t that the whole reason for freezing it?”

“Why are you asking me if you’re just going to eat it anyway?”

I convince her to throw it out and completely forget what I was typing into Notes.

I eat lunch, pack my husband’s, send him off to work.

Momma, play a game with me.

Dog needs to be fed again, played with, let out again.


Bath time. PJs. Nail trim. Storytime. Tucks. Forehead kisses.

Finally, he’s asleep.


I’ll just check Twitter real quick.



I should really take advantage of this alone time to work on that essay.

Why am I so tired? Is it too late for coffee?

I let the dog in one more time, pick up a paperback I’ve been reading, and head to the bedroom.

Tomorrow. I’ll tackle that essay tomorrow. No matter what.

Heather Vi Kish is a writer, poet, creative thinker, coffee drinker, momma, and wife. When she was in 3rd grade she won a poetry contest at her local library. They printed her poem on bookmarks to hand out to all the patrons and she has been chasing that high ever since. She received the Undergraduate Poetry Award from Western Michigan University and is a current student of Lindenwood University’s MFA program. 


§ 14 Responses to Writer, Interrupted

  • deborahlucas706 says:

    Too true, so real. I must tell you, it doesn’t get much better when the kids are off to college, home repair, health issues fill in the blanks. But as long as I keep trudging forward and don’t quit, I can still call myself a writer. There is still hope as long as there is life, breath and inspiration. Okay, I admit it. I’ll even keep writing without the inspiration. I’m addicted. Isn’t that the definition of being a writer?!

  • Yes, that is the way it goes until you find a way to turn everything off. [Turn off your electronic devices, carry paper and multiple writing devices, and tell your sister to make stock with the chicken.]

  • Kelbungy says:

    Totally geddit! By the time the kids are finally in bed, I’m too exhausted to pen anything down. I just wanna lie down and….sighhh, does that make me a lousy writer? I’ll never really know.

  • Calls, text messages, walks for inspiration, notes on my phone disappearing. I get you, Heather.

  • cmconsolino says:

    Exactly this. Even with older children, I have so much to distract me. You’re not alone! I look forward to reading more from you, though, so keep at it!

  • eileenmckeon says:

    Thank you! so reassuring. This past year has not left much space for our creative selves when the litany of other needs come first. We will get back to our whole selves, soon, i hope. Boundaries might be good too for all these needy folks around us! Love ’em, but nothing can happen to mama… you need your time too. #selfcare

  • Reblogged this on musingswithoutamuse and commented:
    This is me plus two (more) kids and two kittens. Life’s bursting!

  • Amy says:

    I laughed out loud at “Why am I so tired?” I was worn out just reading all you do in a day!

  • Well told. I’m retired and it still resonates. We’ve become so easily distractable, and reluctant to change our ways. I struggle with this daily. Perhaps why I’m reading your blog instead of writing on my own… 🙂

  • Shonda T. says:

    Very relatable! The distractions come from all directions.

  • rachaelhanel says:

    Yep. Somehow I find ways to get distracted even being home by myself all day.

  • yes! all i can say is yes you just wrote all about meee! there are a hundred reasons and excuses that disrupt my writing every single day, thanks for reminding me i’m not alone in this world and i’m not actually crazy:) and btw brilliant title

  • how and where is your blog so i can follow please!!!

  • And so it goes for anyone in a woman’s shoes who is a writer, a wife, a mother, and a friend. It’s nice to know we’re all travelling the same journey.

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