The Brevity Blog and Book Reviews

June 25, 2022 § 5 Comments

We understand the disappointment that some have shared since learning that the Brevity Blog will not be featuring book reviews going forward. The decision is not taken lightly, but was deemed necessary due to time and staffing issues. Though our blog editors understand the importance of promoting small press books, it became increasingly obvious in tracking our site statistics that book reviews were our least-read feature, while also among the more time-consuming.

Please note that Brevity and the Brevity blog will still promote small press memoir and nonfiction, but primarily through craft essays by book authors, author interviews, and other posts that contain explorations of the writing and publishing process.

Our blog editors are working on a volunteer basis, and we are doing as much as we can with the resources available. We’re grateful we can provide a venue for hundreds of writers who generously share their knowledge and their work with the Brevity blog audience. 

Dinty W. Moore


§ 5 Responses to The Brevity Blog and Book Reviews

  • I support your decision, not that you needed little -old-me to concur. The only reviews I read are those written by or about someone I know. I even search my emails for Brevity + review when I’m cleaning up my in-box. We writers and readers are overwhelmed with review “venues,” so I boil it down to those reviews I have some “skin” in. It’s a matter of time and trust.

  • Ed says:


  • camilla sanderson says:

    Grateful for the work you all do! 🙏💖🕊

  • Sirvaysa says:

    It was a logical and necessary decision. It’s refreshing to see an organization trim the fat when it serves the greater good. No regrets.

  • Elaine says:

    Pity but understandable decision…. Great blog. Always something interesting to read and learn.

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