The Brevity Blog: Should We Rebrand?

July 27, 2022 § 58 Comments

As both Brevity (the magazine of original essays) and The Brevity Blog (discussions of craft and the writing life) both grow and expand their audience, we see more and more folks confusing the two. That’s not a huge problem, and mainly we are just happy you are here, but maybe some folks don’t realize we have twice the flavor.

So a small thought for a late July Wednesday: should we rebrand The Brevity Blog as The BrevityBlog, or maybe just BrevityBLOG to make the distinction more apparent?

Vote in the comments, and thanks in advance:

§ 58 Responses to The Brevity Blog: Should We Rebrand?

  • You have been reconsidering several issues that have come up in recent years. In this case, I’d vote for BrevityBlog. I don’t know whether that makes the distinction between the literary journal and the blog more clear, but it does feel more like a brand.

  • Mrs. B says:

    Of the two choices, I’d say BrevityBlog is the more concise, and therefore more in keeping with the idea of brevity. I worry that maybe some confusion might ensue in the name change, though. People might think that the blog replaces the magazine. Or perhaps I am overthinking this.

  • Diana says:

    I like BrevityBLOG

  • jabuddha651 says:

    I am fine with the name as is. It is familiar to me and a like it.

  • […] The Brevity Blog: Should We Rebrand? […]

  • I like Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog, as janpriddyoregon suggested above.

  • Maybe go with BrevityBLOG and BrevityMAG

  • angshumand says:

    My preference: BrevityBlog

  • bearcee says:

    I like BrevityBlog. It’s brief.

  • Hi Dinty,

    We last had a brief contact when I connected with you about being a keynote speaker at The Writing Intensive as St. John’s College. I saw this email this morning and just thought I’d weigh in for whatever it might be worth. My first instinct is, why not make the distinction truly obvious? I don’t think the proposed rebranding is actually enough of a change to achieve your goals. Why not make it the “BrevityWriting BLOG?”

    Just a thought—all the best,

    Laura Oliver

  • I read the blog and the literary journal religiously. I vote for BrevityBLOG!!! Read and write on!

  • Phyllis Brotherton says:

    Brevity Blog is good (removing the “The.” I would caution putting the two words together without a space. I experienced two rebrandings over the years and a removal of space between two words and people were invariably getting it wrong. If it doesn’t mess up a Google search, then probably not a problem. Best to you, Dinty!

  • I think Brevityblog or BrevityBlog in fact, I thought it was already called one of the two

  • Yes, rebrand. I like BrevityBLOG

  • Hi Dinty, I think you would have to make a bolder move than moving the words together or using caps to separate the two. Maybe an identification beyond “blog” like Brevity “digest” or “brief” would help the blog stand on its own. “Blog” sort of reduces its sIgnificane for me—like an afterthought. What if you titled it without Brevity like (…uses thesaurus…) “pithy!” No, not that but something else?

  • As a relative newbie, this change doesn’t explain the difference any better. I just look at my emails and decide if a topic or title is of interest, whether it’s an essay or a craft discussion. I just thought they were all essays, with various topics. There would have to be two completely different titles to alert me to a difference (or maybe now that I know there’s a difference I will be more discerning). Brevity Essays and Brevity Craft, or something like that. Why name a blog “blog”? I think we know it’s a blog, and it doesn’t explain anything. Am I off base here? Sorry to not be brief.

  • Steve Love says:

    Branding can be important and helpful. The changes being considered, as others suggest, may however move the needle too little. Though the two Brevities are bound by the Brevity brand, they are different: Brevity the Magazine of Essays and Brevity the Blog: Writing Life and Craft. The confusion may lie in the fact that Brevity the Blog also features essays, though, more limited in content, as you point out. Interested and intelligent readers should be able, after exposure to the two, should be able to sort it out. I am much more worried about you personally, Dinty. Do folks confuse you with a can of beef stew? I didn’t think so. Do as you will with Brevity’s magazine and blog but please do not change or rebrand Dinty Moore the Ohio literary asset. We have too few of those.

  • Marie Tully says:

    I’ve been reading the Brevity Blog, which I absolutely love, with my coffee every morning for a long time now. It pops up in my inbox labelled Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog. I’m happy with that title. If any changes were to be made I would simply change Brevity to Brevity Magazine.

  • My question: What specific data do you have that the branding is problematic to regular readers? How many readers are you losing? If your data suggests that new readers are confused, that might require a different approach. Perhaps adding a sentence/header highlighting the two would suffice. You have a link to the magazine on the left, which suggests a difference, but we readers sometimes don’t pay attention.

    Like others, I read the Brevity Blog every morning and enjoy the simplicity of the layout, and certainly, the content. Thank you.

  • jean says:

    Keep it simple and obvious – BrevityBLOG

  • I like BrevityBLOG for all the reasons previously stated.

  • Nancy Julien Kopp says:

    BrevityBLOG would be fine.

  • Mick Guinn says:

    So interesting how much I agree with the vast majority of the comments here.

    Yes, if you feel compelled to change the name, carving off the “The” seems in keeping with the concept that follows.

    BrevityBlog is cool and I like it when capitalization is used to indicate where a space might have been in the olden days. Much prefer that to all of the initialism that has taken over the English language (as if we needed new ways to make communication more obtuse…). FWIW, I wish more people would do that with their email addresses to make them legible.

  • suzanne henley says:

    the brevityblog or BrevityBlog. I don’t like capping BLOG

  • MG says:

    BrevityBlog works. Keeping simple…no need to cap BLOG

  • Sharon Silver says:

    The former. BLOG in all-caps looks loud. Also like a possible acronym (Better Literacy is Our Goal?). You guys def deserve your own name, whatever you choose. Here’s your tagline: “TheBrevityBlog. Not just a sidekick [appetizer/wingman/middle child etc.] anymore.”

  • I am happy with things the way they are. No confusion for me.

  • Ya don’t fix what ain’t broke. I see “Brevity” and I know who you all are and am happy about that.

  • I like the sound of Brevity Blog, however you write it. That said, for this reader, there’s no need to rebrand. I see the word Brevity and I’m in. Thanks for double the flavor, double the fun, whichever way you brand it!

  • dwilliams says:

    I like BrevityBlog . . . (and it’s um…shorter. Which is to say more brevity-ish.) hahah

  • When I joined the writing community I was confused by this. I don’t think taking out “The” and smashing the words together is going to be enough of a differentiation. There is also Sunday Reads, which come to my email regularly just like the Blog, and that too was confusing. I like Kathi Crawford’s suggestion: BrevityBLOG and BrevityMAG. Then Sunday Reads could be rebranded as well to make clear it’s coming from the MAG.

  • Polly Hansen says:

    BrevityBLOG. Easy peasy.

  • Rachel says:

    I’m not sure I understood the distinction until now!

    Unfortunately, “Blog” doesn’t really add clarity for me, unless it’s prefaced with “Craft” or another element to distinguish it from the nonfiction magazine.

    Plenty of magazines have blogs. Of course, there’s also a “Craft essays” section on the main Brevity mag website: What’s the distinction?

    If a rebrand is called for (my sense is that it would be helpful for your audiences), I’ll cast my vote for a more substantive change that will actually help make a distinction between the craft blog and the nonfiction magazine.

    My offer: Finding Brevity: Writers on Craft and the Writing Life

  • I vote BrevityBlog. I don’t like BLOG shouting at me:) And “The” is unnecessary, in my view. Thanks for what you do!

  • The new names you’re proposing aren’t that different from the original name, so I don’t think they will solve the confusion. But if you decide to rebrand, BrevityBlog or some variant of it is fine.

  • BJ says:


  • geodutton says:

    If you must rebrand, I concur with the above sentiments.

  • BrevityBLOG and BrevityMAG. For the record, I had no idea there were two different publications….thanks for asking the question.

  • I agree with others about BrevityBlog. The name is fun to say and it conveys snack-size posts.

  • Laura Rink says:

    BrevityBLOG is my vote

  • stacyeholden says:

    I like Brevity’s Nonfiction Blog. Tradition!

  • I votetfor the BrevityBlog rather than the BrevityBLOG.

  • Cheryl Lynn Achterberg says:

    I like the idea of BrevityBlog and BrevityMag, to keep the names brief but distinct.

  • I like the BrevityBlog and BrevityMag idea that a few others have suggested.

  • Vanessa says:

    I think BrevityBLOG works.

  • Richard Homburg says:

    I vote for BrevityBlog since I feel that all caps should be reserved for acronyms.

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