What Exactly Happened: Four (Excellent) Essays on the Craft of Memoir

July 8, 2011 § 5 Comments

Thomas Larson, author of the  indispensable The Memoir and the Memoirist, arguably one of the two or three best references for those who teach and write nonfiction, has just released a new book, and there are a few interesting details.

1.) The new book  costs only $2.99.  2.) Delivery is free  3.) You can only read it on your Kindle, or on the Kindle software you can download to your PC, iPad, or other device, and 4.) It offers more of Tom Larson’s intelligent, accessible insight and close-reading of essayists and memoirists.  It is the latter that makes Larson’s writing so valuable.  No platitudes or pronouncements, but instead practical, meticulous examination of what works on the page.

The new book, What Exactly Happened: Four Essays on the Craft of Memoir includes (of course) four essays, exclusively available in the eBook format: “The Narrative Elements of Memoir,” “Four Writers’ Openings,”  “The Plot of the Memoir, The Emotion of the Author:  On Kathleen Finneran’s The Tender Land,” and “A New Kind of Narrative Truth.”

We’ve asked Tom to visit our blog in a month or so and discuss how this eBook publication process works, what sorts of success he has with it, how the reader feedback develops, and other issues.  Let’s hope he accepts the invitation, because these are new days, and despite the various forms of hand-wringing about the demise of all that Gutenberg wrought, up here in the Brevity corporate penthouse, we’re interested and excited about how the eBook format might open up new markets, new genres, new forms, and new opportunities.


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