A Thank You to the Generous Kickstarter Donors

May 26, 2015 § 3 Comments

You Are This Awesome and Amazing

You Are This Awesome and Amazing

Our Kickstarter campaign to underwrite our recent Gender Issue and our upcoming issue on Race, Racism, and Racialization (May 2016) was a breathtaking success and we can still barely believe the outpouring of support, both the amount of the donations and the kind words that accompanied them.

We have now posted our Thank You Page listing those who kicked in to make all of this happen. We thank again all of the past Brevity authors who contributed signed books, or agreed to do essay critiques, or who helped in countless other ways.

Thank you, gentle readers and amazing authors.

* The mugs, bumperstickers, and postcards will ship in mid-June. The signed books (except those not yet in the bookstores) will ship later this week. If you signed up for a critique, you should have been contacted by e-mail already. A select few of you have a pretty spectacular brunch coming next year, with a bottomless mimosa fountain. If you signed up for a reward, answered the Kickstarter request to give us your address, and worry that your reward has not arrived, contact us at brevitymag@gmail.com with “KICKSTARTER QUERY” in the subject line.

Smile, Please

November 18, 2014 § 13 Comments


Brevity’s Fundraising Team

The next weeks are rich with holidays – Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve – and the Brevity blog would like to mark these occasions by publishing your brief essays centering on holiday smiles. The smiles can be joyous, wry, crooked, melancholy, sentimental, or dripping with sarcasm, as long as you are smiling and the essay centers on a late November to early January holiday, including any we’ve forgotten to mention above.  The best works will be printed here on the blog. The best of the best, determined by the readers themselves, will be awarded a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

We hope also to encourage readers to use Amazon Smile to help Brevity pay authors and grow stronger. Yes, Amazon’s relationship to book sales and authors remains controversial, but we also know that many of our loyal readers use Amazon to make non-book related purchases. So we ask that you continue to purchase books from your local independent bookseller, if you are lucky enough to have one nearby, and to channel other Amazon holiday shopping through the Amazon Smile Brevity Link. It’s easy: you simply use this link (it doesn’t cost you a cent) and we get a few pennies on every purchase. You can bookmark the link and make it your permanent Amazon entryway, which would really make us smile.

Meanwhile, send your Holiday Smile flash essay (300-words or fewer), along with a brief bio, to brevitymag+smile@gmail.com no later than midnight December 21st, 2014.  Entries are free if you promise scout’s honor to use Brevity Smile for your holiday shopping this year and help us grow stronger and more smiley.



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