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February 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

The whole staff went to Switzerland last week, lolled along the beach in Lake Geneva in the fine warm weather, and ate raclette in the back of stretch limousines.  That was fun of a sort, but we have been neglecting the blog, so here are some things we missed:

Ploughshares expands the Emerging Writer Competition to include three genres.


THE STATE, a journal and sociohistorical forum investigating the space between print and audio-visual experiences and their transition to mediated online forms, welcomes submissions around the theme of ‘Voicings/Articulations/Utterances,’ and encourage experimentation with form, transmedia, and (web)site-specific installations.


Six writing professors, including Brevity editor Dinty W. Moore, respond on Huffington Post to Anis Shivani’s trolling attacks on the teaching of creative writing.




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