Essays Are Outrageous Like That

April 24, 2014 § 1 Comment

amywAmy Wright, Nonfiction Editor of Zone 3 Press, speaks smartly about the essay and on her role as editor on Essay Daily.  Check out this lovely description of the essay’s heart and soul, and then click on the link below to read her full essay:

Essays are outrageous like that  … They push past the bounds of the given, overthrow the assumptions we inherited, invent new norms, like those formative late night talks in college when friends and I spent whole afternoons voicing newfound beliefs, complicating each other’s questions, deepening empathy and stirring up saucier half shells for the world that was our oyster. But gradually those wide open windows of time narrowed into panes of hours. The back porch sofas were hauled to the dump, and clean well-lighted places became working lunches. The world, though, did not stop expanding after adolescence, nor did the need to process our past and future actions close like the Rising Sun Bakery. I still needed somewhere to set my mug and seek out meaningful exchange. The essay became that folding table, a portable cafe for heart-to-hearts and battles of wit.


On the Pleasure of Reading the Ethical Exhibitionist’s Blog

July 13, 2008 § 3 Comments

Our friend The Ethical Exhibitionist has a thoughtful and pleasing entry on his blog examining William Hazlitt’s “On the Pleasure of Hating”.

To quote, briefly:

The great thing about teaching Hazlitt’s essay is that nobody wants to acknowledge his central assumption, revealed in the title, that hating is a pleasurable act. Particularly well-intentioned liberal college students (and even their long-haired vegetarian peacenik professor, once upon a time). Hatred is a scourge, after all. It’s something we’re trying to eradicate. “Some people might find pleasure in hating, but I– as a liberated, open-minded person– certainly do not, and I don’t think most other people do either.”

Read the entire treatise here:  THE ETHICAL EXHIBITIONIST

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